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Thousand of tourists visit Santorini around the year, but how many of them see the best of the island? Captain Giannis counts more than 30 years of experience doing tours and cruises all around Santorini that gives him an amazing Knowledge about this small paradise where infinite worlds of the nature get mixed making as result unique landscapes where the ocean get lost in the sky. 

Captain Giannis starts the tours from the old port of Fira that it is easy to reach by cable car. Suggested stop is the volcano, Nea Kameni, the active part of the submarine volcano, where is possible to hike until the top where is located the smoking crater. You can’t miss the hot springs bay of Saint Nikolas, in Palia Kameni, a small island just behind Nea Kameni, where the activity of the volcano produces thermal springs in a small hidden bay. 

If you have plenty of time and you can enjoy a full day trip of 6 hours, you can also visit the north part of the caldera, where few hidden bays could be found, as the °7 kids church°, korfos, Armeni, Ammoudi…Crystalline & turquoise waters are guaranteed as the absolutely privately of the spots that could be reached only by boat. During the tour Captain Giannis is happy to follow your wishes to enjoy as much as you can the cruise.

The Volcano, Nea Kameni

The archipelagos known as Santorini is unique, probably the only volcano with a caldera that is in the sea, the last major explosion occurred during the Minoan Bronze Age 3,600 years ago. The entire center of the circular island sank into the sea during the tremendous volcanic explosion. The eruption caused tidal waves which virtually wiped out the advanced Minoan Civilization of Crete, 70 miles to the south.

The huge mass of pumice thrown out from the Minoan eruption covered the surface of the sea over a wide region as proved by the archaeological site of Akrotiri and was washed up at higher levels on the shores by the tsunamis triggered by earthquakes. The most recent earthquake in Santorini happened on 9th July 1956, also in that case were produced tsunamis waves.

What remains today of Strongili are three island of that era, Thera, Thirassia and Aspronissi and two new islands called Nea Kameni (The active volcano today) and Palia Kameni, where are located the hot springs. 

Suggested Caldera's Spots



Hiking the volcano is a must for all the tourists coming to Santorini. it is an amazing experience and emotion to walk on an active volcano. Landscapes as the moon are perfect to take pictures and selfies that will remain as fantastic memories for rest of your life. 

Saint Nikolas Islet


One more spectacular place to visit is the small island of Saint NIkolas at north of the caldera, few minutes far from Ammoudi. Upon the islet has been built the Church of Saint NIkolas Patronas of the sailormen and of the seamen. Absolutely worth to swim in the turquiose waters around.

Ammoudi Bay


The most famous icon of Santorini is for sure Ammoudi bay, the small port at the bottom of Oia, the most picturesque place on the island where to enjoy the sunset, fresh fish and romantic moments in one of the taverns above the sea. 

Hot Springs Bay


It is not a well organised caldera’ tour if it doesn’t include also the hot springs bay in Palia Kameni. What an emotion to swim in 35 °C water with iron high concentration. Just keep in your mind to do not wear white bikini or swimsuites because it will be damaged the color. 

Thirassia Bay


Most of the people coming in Santorini do not know what they miss if they do not visit the island of Thirassia, located at north west of Oia. Especially korfos bay, inside the caldera, offers amazing crystalline waters absolutely clean and still populated with fish.

7 Kids' Bay

Epta Pedes

Maybe not so famous, but for sure who visited will keep intense emotions, the 7 kids’ bay is located at north east of the caldera, few miles over Skaros rock. In the small cave is built a chapel dedicated to the 7 kids. 

Private Tour

The private tour is completely up to your wishes and of course is not shared with anybody. It is also available, up to request, to organize a small snack with typical local fingerfood and Santorini’s wine. 

Semi Private Tour

If you do not want to arrange a private tour, you can join one of the semi private tours running trough the day. Usually it is better to ask by email or call us to know the timetable.